These Tips Will Guarantee Your Success On Your Next Job Interview

I’ll say it: Most candidates shoot themselves in the foot by making easy mistakes every time they walk into an interview. 

The next time you find yourself in an interview, keeping these 11 easy (but crucial) tips in mind will help you blow your competition out of the water, and it all starts with the basics. 

Dress the part

Remember when I said that I knew within the first five minutes if a candidate would be hired? Before the interview begins, I've moved on if you’re wearing a t-shirt. If you can't dress up for one hour for an interview, you're not working with my team or me. 


Yes, an interview is serious business. But smiling immediately gives you the upper hand in a sea of normal candidates who always look depressed. 

Carry a notebook

Even if you don't write in it, just carry a notebook with you. It's professional. And, it means you're prepared to jot down notes or anything important. It also implies you're organized, and companies like organized workers. 

Talk about job requirements

Know the specific demands of the job and speak to those as you give your answers. If the job requires experience with specific “things” like software applications or development processes, confidently talk about your experience with those things.