10 Actors With Hugely Successful Roles Who Surprising Left the Business

Are there people who crushed a significant role on screen but chose another career path? For example, recently, someone asked, “Which actors had a massive role in one movie then left the business?”

They elaborated, “Weirdly Karen Lynn Gorney. She played Stephanie, the love interest, in Saturday Night Fever; while that was considered Travolta's show, you think she'd stay and build off what notoriety she got from being in that movie.”

“But instead, she quit acting after making that movie, started an art gallery, returned to the business 14 years later, and has been doing bit roles here and there.” Here are the top-voted actors who left the business after experiencing success. 

Ariana Richards

ConstableGrey stated, “Ariana Richards, who played Lex in the first Jurassic Park, had some more minor roles in the 90s but became a full-time artist.” Another user expressed, “I forgot she was in Tremors and was also the love interest in Angus!”

Edwardothegreatest said, “Jeff Cohen, Chunk in The Goonies, is a lawyer now.” Another user argued, “But he stayed in the movie business. He is an entertainment lawyer. And so he was the one who drew up fellow Goonie Ke Huy Quan's contract for Everything Everywhere All At Once.”

Jeff Cohen

Milkbreadroll volunteered, “Skandar Keynes, who played Edmund in the Narnia movies, was my first thought. I think he stopped acting not long after the movies.”

Skandar Keynes

One user asked, “Maybe Jake Lloyd? The kid from Phantom Menace. Essentially he only did video game voiceovers afterward.” “He faced a lot of ridicule and bullying from Star Wars fans, much like Hayden Christensen, Ahmed Best, Kelly Marie Tran, etc.”

Jake Lloyd

Jaye Davidson

“Jaye Davidson was nominated for an Oscar in his first film, The Crying Game (1992). But he only did three other movies following that, one of which was Stargate,” one commenter said.

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