These Are The All-Time Most Addicting Games and Video Game Series

Gaming has become both a social and personal staple in many of our lives. Ranging from Console to PC, Portable to Stationary, gaming comes in shapes and sizes. 

Make sure to pack a snack and grab your most comfortable chair before diving into this list, as we have compiled the Top 19 most addicting games for you to explore! 

Zelda – Ocarina of Time

If you have not taken your turn smashing pots and opening chests, yet I highly suggest you grab your sword and give this game a whirl. 

007 Goldeneye

Pull out the N64 and follow James Bond through this first-person shooter that includes single-player missions, multiple stealth elements, and even a multiplayer deathmatch mode. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

With its medieval designs and landscapes, you will feel as if you traveled to another time with magic and endless possibilities. 

Kingdom Hearts Series

Combining both the magical world of Disney, and the captivating storylines of Final Fantasy, the Kingdom Hearts series has captured the hearts of many.