Adidas Product Testing Don’t Apply Till You’ve Read Thi

Adidas product testing is everywhere online. You've probably heard your favorite influencer, blogger, or podcaster talking about it.

Still, testing products for Adidas isn't precisely what it seems. So before you apply, you need to know if the program is right for you.

You may want to know what product samples Adidas might send you. Or if you can get freebies or get paid for your product reviews. But first, you need to understand what the product testing program is.

Adidas originally created the testing program in 2015 to get honest customer feedback and real-life data on their unreleased items.

What Is The Adidas Product Testing Program?

Once signed up, product testers receive items from Adidas, like a new product line, to try out. They use the piece for a predefined period (usually 4-6 weeks), then provide feedback on the goods that Adidas can use for market research.

What Do Product Testers Do

If you enter the footwear program, expect to receive sneakers, sports shoes, lace-up trainers, athletic shoes, running shoes, sandals, or other Adidas shoes.

What Items Do Testers Recieve

What Are The Requirements? Before joining the product testing program, you must know the requirements. If you can not comply with these requirements, more product testing programs are listed below that may be suitable for you.

To make the application process quicker and easier, you should have the following information ready. The application requires all the information below. So if you want to be accepted into the program, fill out all the required fields.

How to Signup for Adidas Product Testing

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