Adrian Lyne Movies Ranked From ‘Deep Water’ to ‘Jacob’s Ladder’

The director of such films as FlashdanceJacob’s Ladder, and 9 ½ Weeks, Lyne made his name with stylized cinema that didn’t shy away from depictions of sex.  

And not just gentle lovemaking, either. Sex in Lyne’s films would often engage with the forbidden, the rough, or the startling. 

Given the timing of his return, now seems a great time to look back and rank his films, including where Deep Water falls among the oeuvre. 


Flashdance works when it focuses on bodies in motions. This especially applies to Jennifer Beals’ Alex Owens—the steel town girl of the song—and her dancing. 


Unlike Kubrick, who gets the novel’s nasty humor streak right but can’t get his hands around its tragedy, Lyne’s version is rich in tragedy but can’t crack a joke to save its life. 

Indecent Proposal

With a premise so simple, it proved catnip to an entire generation-plus of sketch writers, Indecent Proposal is steeped in sleaze right out of the box. 


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