15 Best Adult Card Games for an Epic Good Time

Game nights are one of the best ways to have a good time and bond with friends. But as we get older, we start to look for different ways to have fun.

You don't need to stop playing games just because you're a grown-up. So what are the best adult card games out there?

Here are the 15 best adult card games for your next party or game night. Though many adult card games have similar rules and playstyles, each offers a unique aspect to bring refreshing gameplay. 

It's a hilarious game with infinite replay value, and many consider it the best adult card game on the market. Cards Against Humanity is so influential, it has inspired many of the best games on this list.

Cards Against Humanity

It replaces the black cards of Cards Against Humanity with photo cards of memes. Players then play the funniest pop culture references, random phrases, or adult-theme jokes that best correspond to the meme.

What Do You Meme?

The goal of Exploding Kitten is to avoid the “Exploding Kitten” card, which ends the game. You can do this by using the cat-themed “Defuse Cards.” These feature actions like laser points and kitten yoga which are meant to distract the kittens from exploding.

Exploding Kittens

Because of this game's fun, it can be a regular staple in your game night routine. And who knows, you might enjoy it so much you save money because you end up staying in more.

Utter Nonsense: Naughty Edition

This fast-paced game gives eight clues. The first person to yell the correct answer gets to move their donkey closer to the end. With its simple concept, everyone will be talking about it after the party.

Smart Ass

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