Top Pieces of Advice If You Plan To Use AI To Write Your College Essay

Reddit user @Brattonismybae posted their issue on Reddit's “What Could Go Wrong” thread and got plenty of responses. According to the original poster, they used ChatGPT, an Open AI software, to complete a 4,000-word essay. 

After turning in the paper, they got an email returning their assignment with a note that it had been flagged for plagiarism and had used a ‘3rd party tool' to complete the project. 

Obviously distraught over the situation, OP wanted to know what they could do to correct the issue. While they didn't get a lot in the way of advice, Redditors definitely had some things to say. 


User @Shinikage1 wants to know how the OP can be so ‘dumb' for being ‘smart,' saying, “How can you be smart enough to get into a masters program but dumb enough to submit an AI written paper?” 

Show Your Work

User @Sahareaovnight wants to know if OP can submit any work they did for the paper before using ChatGPT. This is what they said. 

“Op can you show them your work up to that and the program you used to write it? Today we have so many devices to use. Let us know the outcome. Fingers crossed one of them know the program and see you put it together.” 

School Debt

Redditor @Hollowsong wishes they only had $30,000 in debt. “LMFAO .. “30k debt”… that's like one semester of school in the US. I WISH I only had 30k debt.”

Cheater Cheater

User @UCFfuturespaceman remembered an instance of cheating in grade school. “I cheated in elementary school once and the teacher obviously knew and asked me to lead a math competition versus another class since I scored so well. This was the most embarrassing thing I remember.”

Real Advice

Redditor @NoBSforGma had some sound advice. 1. “Write a real paper. 2. Confess and own up that you were an idiot and stressed out and made a bad decision. Good luck. You're going to need it!”

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