Want to Make Money as a Top Airbnb Host? Avoid These 5 Guest Pet Peeves

Airbnb went from three literal airbeds in 2008 to a $31-billion company in 2020 and brought their hosts with them.  

Airbnb hosts have earned a total of $150 billion since 2010, including $60 billion in the United States alone.

If you're looking to earn money by renting out your own house or purchasing a vacation home you use part of the time, you too can become a top Airbnb host. Here are guest insights from a repeated Airbnb guest to apply to your rental business. 

Airbnb Pet Peeve #1: Poor Sleeping Conditions

Pillows are the number one culprit. Too many places offer one flat or lumpy pillow per person. Please, if you’re an Airbnb host, take a cue from the hotel industry and offer decent pillows. Ideally, two per person. 

Along those lines, threadbare 150-count sheets have no place on an Airbnb bed. Although, I’d take that over the European tradition of having no top sheet. Are those duvet covers really getting washed after each and every guest? 

Airbnb Pet Peeve #2: How Does This Work?

Please tell me what I need to know. Ideally, there will be a written manual in the apartment with the same information available in the app, viewable by those who have booked the stay.