Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo Video Game Review

Pendulo Studios’ Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo is a game inspired by the famous filmmaker through its story, color scheme, and characters. 

While the story relies on some tired tropes about psychopathy and the gameplay can become monotonous, Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo is worth playing for its detailed animation style and complex, twisting storyline.

A Twisted and Unpredictable Storyline

You meet Ed Miller at one of his lowest moments when the game begins. He wakes up on the side of a cliff where he crashed his car with his wife and baby in the car. He is disoriented and runs to a bridge suspended over the cliff, where he relives his father’s suicide.

Dr. Lomas, an acclaimed clinical psychologist, begins working with Ed to unravel the truth about the crash by exploring his past.

Many characters in the game are compelling and complex, but there are some issues with tropes about psychopathy when you get deeper into the game. Pop culture loves a good psychopath, but relying on an unhinged person with no empathy is overdone and places a stigma on abuse victims.

I don’t want to spoil the entire game for you, so I won’t go into too much detail here. Let’s just say this game upholds the “hot girl psychopath” trope instead of dissecting it.

Most of the game feels almost like an interactive movie because it is much more focused on storytelling than gameplay. That being said, the limited gameplay complimented the story and helped keep me compelled through the entire game.

Gameplay is Secondary to the Story

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