All Cat Pokémon, Including Generation 9

The core of the Pokémon series is found in the various Pocket Monsters that exist throughout the nine generations of video games. 

Many Pokémon are based on animals, such as the multiple cat Pokémon.

Cats are some of the most popular domesticated animals in the world, so it isn’t surprising that they are the basis for at least one Pokémon in every generation.

From your everyday Pokémon to starters to even legendary Pokémon, here are all of the cat Pokémon from the first generation to the most recent Gen 9.

All Cat Pokémon

It all started with the most popular and famous traditional cat Pokémon of them all: Meowth. The simplistic design of this coin-loving cat led to his inclusion in the Pokémon anime series, where he has been a staple part of Team Rocket ever since.

1. Meowth

This cat takes a more regal approach than Meowth, showing that money can buy happiness. It also received an Alolan form that turned it into a Dark Pokémon in Gen 7.

2. Persian

The jury is still out on what exactly Eevee is, being this strange mix of a dog, cat, and maybe even a fox. But for the sake of this list, it would be remiss if the other most popular cat Pokémon wasn’t on here.

3. Eevee

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