All Dog Pokémon, Including Generation 9

The joy of the Pokémon series is discovering the hundreds of unique Pokémon that exist, most of which are based on particular animals. 

A dog is one of the most prominent pets in the real world, so it is no surprise that dozens of dog Pokémon exist in the series. If you've wanted to know about all dog Pokémon, you’re in the right place.

With roughly three dozen up until this point in Generation 9, you can find the complete list of all dog Pokémon below in order of their Pokédex entries.

It is noteworthy that every single generation of Pokémon games has had new dog Pokémon that they introduced.

All Dog Pokémon

Starting this list in Generation 1 was the fox Pokémon Vulpix. Sure, Vulpix is, technically, a fox, as you will see some of the others on here, but they are distantly related enough to count.


Ninetales is the definition of gorgeous, a nine-tailed fox evolution of Vulpix. It was beautiful in Gen 1 but not the most useful, making its Ice and Fairy Alolan form in Gen 7 quite welcome.


The other half of the Fire-type Gen 1 dog conversation is the ever-loyal and adorable Growlithe. The strange markings on this scruffy little pup give it an almost tiger feel, which is intriguing. Growlithe was arguably made better in Gen 8 with its Hisuian form.


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