College Tuition Continues To Rise: 7 Alternatives to Formal Education

According to CNBC, the current academic year saw college tuition increase by 1.3% for students at 2-year schools, 1.6% for in-state students at 4-year public colleges, and 2.1% for those attending 4-year private institutions.

With fees at an all-time high, many would-be students are starting to question whether formal education is as necessary as people make it seem and are there any alternatives.

If you're wondering what you could do in life without a formal education, here are seven compelling alternatives.

Business Owner

Whether you start an online or offline business, a good idea, a strong work ethic, and the willingness to take risks are all you need to succeed.


Becoming an influencer doesn’t happen overnight. Like starting a business, it takes years of hard work and a deep commitment to delivering value.

Electrician or Plumber

Both roles offer an array of perks, not the least of which is a median annual salary of over $56,000. Qualified, reliable, and experienced tradespeople are also in perpetual demand around the country, meaning job security’s unlikely to be a problem.

Computer Security Analyst

You’d be tasked with understanding a company’s IT infrastructure, monitoring its activity, and doing whatever it takes to protect its system from threats. For your troubles, companies could pay you $81,000 per year.


Salaries in hospitality do tend to be lower than in other professions. However, there’s ample room for career growth, leading to sizeable pay increases over time.

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