8 Summer Movies to Watch on Amazon Prime (Before They’re Gone)

Whether you’re looking for a feel-good comedy, or a horror movie to keep you tossing and turning at night, there’s a little something for everyone. Here are eight great movies you can watch right now on the streaming platform.

One Night in Miami

The main plotline revolves around a fictionalized meeting of Sam Cooke, Malcolm X, Jim Brown, and the newly-crowned heavyweight champion, Cassius Clay that took place in 1964. Each is facing some sort of crisis in their individual lives and careers.

Sound of Metal

A musical drama film like no other, Sound of Metal features Riz Ahmed giving a powerhouse performance as a heavy metal drummer who suddenly begins losing his hearing.

The Big Sick

The Big Sick tells the story of a struggling comic (Nanjiani) who begins dating a psychology student (Zoe Kazan). As the couple grows more serious, they grapple with cultural differences and the intrusion of their overbearing families.


In many ways, Landline feels a lot like a Woody Allen movie at the peak of his career, characterized by the humor, New York setting, and the complicated relationships between the sisters and their parents.


It’s a slice-of-life movie where most of the movement is in the characters' inner world, but somehow it never seems boring or slow.  Indie screen legend, Jim Jarmusch wrote and directed the film.


This is a must-watch for horror fans, featuring plenty of suspense, and a final act so terrifying it’ll keep you peering behind doors for days.

The Vast of Night

When this movie was released on Prime in 2019, it was a viral hit that no one saw coming. A science-fiction mystery movie, The Vast of Night takes place over the course of a single night in a small 1950s’ New Mexico town.

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