Indiana Jones: An Adult's Guide

The Indiana Jones series is one that fans turn to time and time again to bring them joy and hope while exploring the wonderfully fun adventures that Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr. gets to go on.

From Stephen Spielberg and a story from George Lucas, the series kicked off with Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and brought us into a world like no other. 

But if you’re an adult and you’re trying to jump into the series now, you might want to know what to expect out of the movies and other properties in the world of Indy. So let’s go on a journey through the worst and best parts of the Indiana Jones franchise. 

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Released in 2008, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull goes a bit too into the absurd and has Indiana Jones avoiding getting killed in a nuclear explosion by having him hide in a fridge so…take this movie with a grain of salt. 

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular!

Essentially, you’re just watching a stunt man pretend to be Indiana Jones and he’s running around the set and showing you how Indy did some of his more daring stunts. 

Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

Is it wild and completely weird? Yes, and it isn’t exactly good but then again, most of us are here because we love Henry Jones Jr. so we’re ready to take in any content that is out there.