An Executive Coach’s 3 Phrases to Boost Confidence

Everybody agrees that a positive mindset is critical for success. But how do you maintain that mindset when the stakes are high and you feel a bit out of your league? 

We all succumb to imposter syndrome and have moments of doubt. This just means you care deeply and want to be your best. Here are three empowering mantras sure to boost your confidence and keep you moving forward.

3 Phrases To Boost Confidence

Remind yourself of the many obstacles you have already overcome in your life. You have survived and even thrived before. This time will be no different.

I Can Do Hard Things

You have the experience. You have done the work. You are fearless. You show up and play to win. You can do hard things.

We often think we must know all the answers and never make mistakes. That’s just crazy talk. All you really must do is show up and give your best.

I Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Amazing

Instead of worrying you will fail, just consider all you will learn in this next phase of your grand life adventure. Smile and move forward.

While you can’t control every outcome, you can control how you show up and respond. You get to choose how your story unfolds. Choose to live boldly.

I Get To Create the Life I Want To Live

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