Nostalgia vs. the Supply Chain: an Unlikely Resurgence of Classic Game

Nintendo announced plans to shut down its 3DS and Wii U eShops next March, leaving gamers scrambling for what to do when they can no longer make purchases in the eShop.

This decision spells bad news for gamers who dug out their older consoles and games to entertain themselves in lockdown, fueling a nostalgia kick that has not subsided. Those who didn’t have old games packed away turned to second-hand sellers.

The pandemic changed many facets of daily life: where we work, how we interact with our fellow man, and what we do to protect ourselves. But, on the lighter side, it also changed the way we game.

Ongoing supply chain issues causing a shortage of new games and consoles have also contributed to the risk in the old console and game purchases like the Wii U.

According to ReCommerce expert Decluttr, between March 2020 and March 2022, sales of Wii units increased by 222% vs. the previous two years, which suggests that these consoles have made their comeback despite accessibility barriers.

Some of the most popular games purchased on the Decluttr store throughout this period include Wii Fit Plus and Big Brain Academy Wii Degree.

So while the eShops may be shutting down, throwback gamers won’t need to worry if they can continue to purchase these games physically from Decluttr.

Nintendo said both online stores will close their digital doors forever in March 2023. Popular games like Attack of the Friday Monsters, Pushmo, and Pokémon Yellow won’t be playable again unless fans can find a second-hand and potentially more expensive physical copy.

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