Best Anime Traps Characters



Totsuka Saika

Totsuka seems a bit more vanilla and has no redeeming quality as a trap. 

Felix Argyle

Imagine your favorite cat girl is actually a man. Yup, every male Re:Zero fan has experienced this tragedy. I mean, it is okay to have a cat boy in the series. But are we going to expect a boy like Felix who looks this cute




 Astolfo has quite a long story on why he is a “he” instead of being a “she”. But no matter the reason is, he certainly did cause a massive disorientation due to his gender. It occurs the most to newer anime fans. 


Urushibara Ruka

Everyone on the list is pretty much infamous for causing confusion to our gender orientation. But Ruka is arguably the most notorious one because there is literally no way that a man would look as beautiful and cute just like him

Hideri Kanzaki

Entering the top 5, we have another male who also has a potential to look masculine. Only this time, I even need to admit that I appreciate that Hideri will go that far only to almost abandon his masculinity and devoting himself to cosplay as a girl. 




He has a potential to look manlier than this despite his long hair. But no, he decided to just embrace his feminine style, and sometimes even act like one. He is not even afraid to wear women's clothes. 



Haku is considered as an OG trap. I remembered as a kid I was shocked knowing he is actually a she. And Naruto is absolutely correct. In some aspects, he is certainly more gorgeous than Sakura.

Kamatari Honjo

Perhaps the oldest trap we could ever get. Before this phrase became popular, we already got ourselves a ladyman who is debatably more beautiful than the canon women



Momiji was the one who is known as the sole trap in the series. With that bubbly and cheerful appearance, and of course that cutesy voice, I do not think people will recognize him as a boy at the first glance. 

Sohma Momiji