20 Common Phrases That Can Irritate People Instantly

Have you ever used a popular phrase and regretted it?

An online forum recently discussed the sayings that instantly annoy people, and here are some of the terms you should avoid.

“You Always Do That.”

This phrase can be triggering for so many. It mainly seems to come from our parents and it's the most annoying when you know you've only ever done that one thing once or twice.

“No Offense, But.”

Have you ever known anyone to say this phrase without following up with one of the most offensive comments you've ever heard?

“Can't You Take a Joke?”

When the intended offense has been taken, it's always the victim's fault. They can take a joke, but they have enough mental capacity to recognize an insult.

“Tell Me, Without telling Me.”

Social media is responsible for a new set of annoying terms, but this was the least popular. We'd be fine if we never heard this phrase again.

“A Deluge of Annoying Social Media Phrases.”

There was a lot of competition: “I was today years old'” and “If you know, you know” were right up there. Let's not forget the term that makes me see red – “That's it, that's the Tweet.” It's time to calm down.

“Good Morning.”

While this may seem harmless, it's never “good” if you're not a morning person. A lot of people are annoyed by the greeting until they've had their first coffee of the day, especially if it's said by a very awake morning person.

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