Another Indie Gaming Platform Slams Door on NFT Story

If you're an independent developer with plans to release a game on indie game marketplace, save yourself some time and don't plan for NFT integration.

The Itch team has come out swinging on non-fungible tokens, letting its community know that this burgeoning blockchain segment has no place on its popular platform.

In a Twitter thread, Itch shut down NFTs, calling the digital phenomenon “a scam.” It's a bit ironic considering that Itch is known for rolling out the welcome mat for gaming developers with an open revenue-sharing model. 

Itch is not alone. Wealth of Geeks recently reported on Team17, a UK-based indie game publisher whose NFT plans went up in smoke amid community backlash.

As for Itch, they accuse NFTs of having zero use cases, except the “exploitation of creators, financial scams, and the destruction of the planet” due to the energy-intensive process of minting one on the blockchain.

However, Itch paints NFTs with a broad brush, accusing any company that claims to support creators and “endorses NFTs in any way” as basically a liar. Instead, the indie game platform alleges that these companies are in it themselves.