Top 10 Anti-Heroes From Spider-Man Comics That Should Appear in the Movie

The newest Morbius trailer just dropped, making it clear a character that the average filmgoer had never heard of a decade ago—never mind wanted to see a movie about—is really and truly going to be on big screens everywhere.

Agent Anti-Venom

After the success of Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the time is right for Hollywood to make like Marvel Comics in the ’90s. In other words, wall-to-wall symbiotes far as the eye can see!

Black Cat

This one, admittedly, runs the risk of getting labeled as a knockoff by readers. However, Felicia Hardy is too much fun to leave on the table, Catwoman comparisons be damned.


I’ve been beating this drum for years now, and, you know what? Gonna keep beating it. With entire Twitter accounts and people’s personalities devoted to reminding us how bad health care is in the United States, Cardiac should be an easy layup.

Molten Man

Mark Raxton, Liz Allen’s step-brother, made a bad choice. In a moment of weakness, he stole an experimental alloy he helped develop from his employer.


A purple-clad mercenary with no name (although he often goes by Paul Denning) Paladin tends to be a man with skills available to the highest bidder.

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