Apocalyptic TV Shows Like The Walking Dead But Without Zombies

Are you searching for apocalyptic shows but without the gory zombies? You're not alone. Redditor u/Alit_Quar stated, “ISO a post-apocalypse TV show like TWD, but no zombies. Book of Eli or The Road sort of thing.”

They continued, “The Last Ship came close but wasn't well done. The Last Man on Earth was great for comedy, but I'd prefer something in a realistic drama. Does this exist?” Redditors responded with these apocalyptic series in no particular order.

To the Lake

RGBchocolate nominated, “To the Lake. It's a very down-to-earth view of a pandemic, no zombies nonsense, entirely believable, the second season isn't as great as the first, but it's still decent.”

Into the Night

RGBchocolate also nominated, Into the Night. It takes place during the apocalypse. However, the second season declined a lot. But you can binge the first season in one evening. I'm not sure I can recommend the second.”

The 100

Redditor iangeredcharlesvane2 answered, “The 100. It gets really good after a somewhat cheesy start. The last two seasons are very different, so you can stop before that if you want to keep it in the good years.”


Redditor iangeredcharlesvane2 also nominated, “See. It's better than the premise makes it sound, with great world-building sets and action. Jason Momoa rocks as the lead dude.”

Into the Badlands

Redditor iangeredcharlesvane2 shared, “Into the Badlands. It's an AMC show, quite fun, and hard to explain, but the basics are people separating into tribes to survive what's left of the world."

The Stand

Another user stated The Stand. It's based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. “I thought it was great acting, but fans of the book didn't love this adaptation. However, I enjoyed it as I love almost all post-apocalyptic shows, and it was an interesting idea.”

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