16 Apps To Save Money on Car Expenses

If you plan to buy a car, the more you save for a deposit, the lower your outstanding loan balance will be. Perhaps you have a more ambitious goal of saving to buy a car with cash. 

Buying a car with cash means you avoid debt and the interest that comes with it. That in itself can save a ton of money. These budgeting apps can help you achieve your goal of saving for a car. 

Clarity Money

Clarity Money is an app that can help you save towards a goal. Brought to you by Marcus by Goldman Sachs, you can choose to set up a High-Yield Marcus Online Savings Account for a higher return on your savings. 


Similar to Clarity Money, Digit is a micro-savings app that lets you save automatically. The app assesses your income, recurring bills, and current spending and calculates how much is leftover and redirected to your savings. Small amounts saved daily can quickly add up, and before you know, you’ll have the money for a car deposit. 

Pocket Guard

Pocket Guard is another intuitive app that analyzes your income, expenses, and goals and creates a personalized budget. Whatever money is leftover is automatically “pocketed” in the savings goal of your choice. 


iSeeCars.com is an excellent site to search for new and used cars. The site is essentially a search engine that crawls car sites, like Cars.com and Autotrader, and sites like Craigslist and eBay, so you can browse vehicles from dealers and private sellers.