33 Apps That Make it Easy To Make Money From Your Phone

How many times have you caught yourself wasting time on your phone? Instead of scrolling social media, why not put that time to good use and make money from your phone?

There are many ways you can make money just by using your phone. For example, you can take surveys, earn cash back, sell various products and services, or even get paid to sit around and watch videos.

Download the free Solitaire Cash app and enjoy fair matches against opponents with the same deck. If you prefer, challenge yourself in solo mode and join free and paid tournaments. Be one of the top three to win cash prizes!

Solitaire Cash

All opponents play with the same card, so each 2-minute game is a fair match-up based on your Bingo skills. First, get the highest score to win the match. Then, collect your gems or winnings and cash out securely via PayPal.

Bingo Cash

Play free games to earn gems and use them to pay for entry to cash tournaments or deposit cash to enter. Finish in the Top 3 to earn real cash prizes!

Bubble Cash

YNAB has a bit of a learning curve but offers helpful videos and tutorials to teach you how to be successful at budgeting. And while the app does have a fee, using YNAB will save you way more money each month.


The survey results help companies improve their products and services, making your opinions valuable. According to Branded Surveys, most surveys pay between $0.50 and $5.00, with no limit on how many you can complete.

Branded Surveys

While real money casino games are great (and do have the potential to let you win real cash prizes), Swagbucks offers a less risky alternative. Playing games to win real money is one of the many different ways Swagbucks users can make money from their phones.


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