12 Apps That Pay You up to $10,000!

Get Paid To Lose Weight:

Did you know you can get paid to lose weight just by downloading an app? Surprisingly, quite a few programs let you make money by getting in shape!

Who wouldn't want to get paid to get healthy? Amazingly, some of these apps can even help you pocket up to an extra $10,000! 

Let's take a look at some of the best apps that help you get paid to lose weight.

With HealthyWage, you can earn money to reach your weight loss goals. The app allows you to bet on yourself and make money if you meet your goal. You can also join challenges with other users and win prizes if you're successful.

Healthy Wage

DietBet gives you the extra motivation to engage in healthy activities and reach your target weight. It helps you set goals and has a solid option for newbies, with a simple 28-day program.


Stepbet is another weight loss app that recognizes that money is a powerful motivator. Connecting your favorite fitness tracker lets you bet on yourself to meet your step goals and win real money.


With Evidation, you can get rewarded for the healthy actions you're already taking. Connect your favorite apps to track your everyday activity, and you'll earn points you can redeem for cash or prizes.


A unique app that rewards users in cryptocurrency for their steps and workouts. The payouts operate on the Ethereum blockchain, so this is a great option for those who dabble in crypto. 

FitCoin App

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