April Daniels’ ‘Dreadnought’ Shows Trans Superheroes Are the Best Superheroes

April Daniels’ 2017 YA novels Dreadnought and Sovereign aren’t just queer superhero stories. 

They’re stories that show that superheroes have been, or should always have been, queer in the first place. 

The series features a closeted 15-year-old trans girl named Danielle, or Danny. In the first scene of Dreadnought, she is out secretly painting her nails when she witnesses a super-battle between a new villain, Utopia, and the world’s most famous superhero, Dreadnought. 

Utopia not only wins but kills Dreadnought. Danny tries to help the hero, and for her courage, Dreadnought passes on his powers to her. 

Suddenly Danny can fly, has super-speed, super-strength, and the ability to see and manipulate the lattice of energy behind everything. 

Also, and most thrillingly, she becomes her ideal version of herself. Which means that she is visibly a fit, stunning, cis-appearing girl.