Are Family Outings No Longer Affordable?

Having fun has never been more expensive. A new study revealed that classic family outings – baseball games, movies, and theme parks – have become insurmountable costs.

These pastimes passed on from generation to generation might have to stay in the past if people can no longer afford to participate in activities that simply cost too much.

Dreams of catching a foul ball or visiting Cinderella's castle are common aspirations in young families.

Summer vacation is often when a family takes trips, whether splurging on Disney or going to the movies. What's changed is that now everything is expensive, and pocketbooks are hurting with these rising costs.

Priced Out of Priceless Memorie

According to a study conducted by The Hustle, traditional family outings have “increased in cost at 2-3x the rate of inflation.

A More Affordable Middle Cla

Alexandra Fung, a mom of four and co-founder of Upparent, uses this trick: investing in memberships of places you can visit multiple times a year.

What Are Other Parents Doing?

Hacks like Lauren and Alexandra's are great solutions to battle inflation and could shift how we view family traditions. If fewer families can go to a big theme park like Disney World, it may lose some of its popularity.

Some savvy parents have learned to make unattainable vacations possible by planning ahead and staying organized. Start early when deciding on a budget, destination, and dates.

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