Are You A Bull or Bear Investor? Here’s How To Tell

Investing experts have been debating hard for the last couple of months – many say a bear market is inevitable this year. Others insist that we're on track for a bullish outcome.

These terms have been used since at least the 1700's, but many new investors may not know what they mean – or how they fall in the debate between bullish and bearish. 

There’s money to be made in both situations, and pros and cons to both types of investors. Which are you?

Bullish means that the market’s overall outlook is positive. Bullish is when prices are rising or a market is on an upward trend. 

Attacking Like the Bull

The term bullish originated in Amsterdam as far back as 1637 to describe the overall outlook on markets. 

However, it wasn’t until later in 1880 that Charles Dow first published this term, referring to the stock market’s general upward trend. 


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