10 Great Questions To Ask Your Next Career Coach

The best career coaches are non-judgmental. 

They are realistic in their approach and understand the industry in which you work. And, great coaches are also great listeners. They take the time to understand who you are and your career goals before making suggestions for improving your career. 

Here are 10 great questions to ask when you sit down with your career coach. 

Question #1: What are your techniques for pushing people out of their comfort zones?

Find out what strategies your coach will use to push you in your career. A quick word of warning: If your coach uses unconventional methods, don’t reject them outright yet. Sometimes, it’s the unconventional methods that work the best. 

Question 2: How will you track my progress?

For instance, maybe he or she will use hard metrics depending on your job role, while other coaches might use more psychological feedback from you to determine how things are going in your career. 

Question 3: Can you recommend career options that I haven’t considered?

The best career coaches out there will go outside of what you’ve already thought about. In fact, they might suggest something that you initially think is crazy. But, thinking outside the box is good.