15 Athletes That Are Millionaires Yet Frugal

It's understandable to imagine that athletes live lavish lives. Professional football, soccer, hockey, basketball, or baseball players can get paid a lot.

One could use that kind of money to buy a mansion on a private island or a fleet of luxury vehicles. Some talented individuals live that lifestyle, but a smaller percentage go against expectations.

A few of these pros are pretty frugal. Here are some notable frugal athletes.

Aaron Rodgers

It seems he's happy living a modest lifestyle. He does a lot of his work at home, like taking care of the lawn instead of paying someone. His house is pretty tiny compared to some of his teammates.

While he was wrestling, the man could amass a good chunk of cash. He doesn't live in a mansion, and his home is pretty modest. He probably feels good about that since his career slowed down suddenly.

Daniel Bryan

Alfred Morris

One peculiar thing about Morris is that he still keeps his 1991 Mazda. It was the vehicle he had when he entered the sport professionally. The car only cost him two dollars.

He's been earning millions since he was drafted in 2009 and saving a lot of it. Darrius sticks to a strict allowance or budget that he and his mother worked on.

Darrius Heyward-Bey

He's saving a lot of his money, and one low-cost thing he does with his cash is going to Mcdonald's. He's even been spotted by fans while eating there.

Joe Flacco

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