54% Of People Don’t Want To Go Back to Offices After COVID

5 Steps To Take if You’re One of Them

According to a study released by IBM about the ways COVID has already changed American attitudes, a good number of still-employed people aren’t exactly enthralled by the idea of returning to offices.

That survey found that as many as 54 percent of Americans want to continue working from home after COVID. 70 percent want remote work to remain a regular option.

If you're hoping to stay home, regardless of your company's plans to reopen, there are a few steps you should take when approaching this conversation with your boss.

While these will broadly vary depending on which state you live in, certain protections might add some legal weight to your desire to stay home.

Know Your Legal Rights.

It’s possible that even if no one on your team worked 100% remotely before COVID, there might be some existing company policies in place that could help your argument.

Ensure You Understand Your Company’s Policy on Flexibility and Remote Work.

As is true when negotiating for anything at work, you should enter into the conversation with your boss with an airtight argument not about how remote work will benefit you but how it’ll benefit them.

Build Your Case.

Don’t congratulate yourself until you have everything in writing, though. You may need to schedule a meeting with HR to discuss and formally cement the extended change, as well.

Get Everything in Writing.

If your request to continue working remotely was approved, know that you’re being measured now less against the idea this is a temporary fix, with hiccups expected, and more against the expectation that this is simply how you work now.

Keep Showcasing Your Reliability.

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