Save Money With These 6 Easy Back to School Shopping Hacks for College Students

Most students heading to college will end summer vacation with back-to-school jitters and an extensive shopping list. The school supply list for college goes above and beyond the usual pencils and binders.

The cost of setting up a tiny home away from home can add up quickly. The following are some back-to-school shopping hacks to help college students get everything they need for school without spending a fortune.

Use Rewards Programs and Apps

Consumers who don't take advantage of rewards programs that earn discounts and cashback leave money on the table.

Check Out the Second-Hand Marketplace

Many college graduates moving out of student housing have furniture and other things they are willing to sell at great prices. The best time to look for these deals is when final exams have ended and they are moving out before the summer.

Upcyclers can attest to enjoying many pieces of furniture that were once heading to the trash. Upcycling is also environmentally friendly as it keeps old furniture out of landfills and gives them a new life.

Use What You Have

Don't Just Stick to Big Box Stores

Students should check out discounts, dollar stores, and drug stores for school supplies. Yes, even drug stores sell school supplies and often at great prices.

Many big and small retailers offer student discounts from 10% to 20%. Students need to show their student identification cards to claim discounts when checking out at the cash register.

Get Student Discounts

Get Advice From Social Media

If you search for the dorm living at the college you are entering, students will show you exactly how they have set up their rooms, giving you a better idea of what you need to buy without overspending.

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