17 Bands That Would Be The Worst Concert To Attend if Their Names Were Literal

What's in a name? For countless bands worldwide, their name perfectly represents their music – a brand identity fans can latch on to. But what if bands' names reflected what they were? 

This thought exercise was the topic du jour in a recent online discussion among music fans. During the discourse, they narrowed down the bands that would put on the worst live shows – if you took their names literally! 

They Might Be Giants

The uncertainty surrounding buying a ticket to a They Might Be Giants show is too much for many music fans to handle. 


Talk about a total snooze-fest. But, on the plus side, I'm willing to bet plenty of people would pay concert prices to get a guaranteed good night's sleep! 

The Smiths

Only a few people seem excited to go to a show headlined by The Smiths, and for a good reason. “There would be, like, 5 million people on stage,” laments one fan.  


Seeing Weezer live would be a memory that would haunt me and countless others forever, except for one person. “Now this sounds like something I'd pay to see – a bunch of people having asthma attacks on stage,” he reveals.  


Is a concert worth it if you don't make it out alive? “I'm a bit older, but I think Anthrax would be a great show nobody survived,” one music fan says coyly.  

Band of Horses

I don't want to alarm anyone, but I highly doubt this band of horses has the finger dexterity to play music.  

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