Barbara Crampton Talks About Her New Intense, Surprising Thriller—Without Men Story

Alone With You is an evocative, clever suspense horror thriller, which keeps you guessing as to whether the terror is psychological, all-too-humanly sadistic, or supernatural. Given the history of horror film, though, one of its bigger reveals isn’t in the plot, but in the casting.

Women have all the major roles; there are no male speaking parts, and there’s only one man who even appears onscreen. The film itself is a bleak story about isolation and possibilities shutting down. But it’s also an indication of how the industry and the genre are, slowly, opening up.

The film, directed by Emily Bennett and Justin Brooks, starts with Charlie (Bennett) waiting for her girlfriend Simone (Emma Myles) to come home to celebrate their anniversary. 

She has short phone calls with her judgmental religious mother (the legendary Barbara Crampton) and a friend, Thea (Dora Madison), both of whom warn her that Simone is up to no good.

Then her apartment door gets stuck, there’s something wrong with her clock…and who’s that figure you see behind her when her back is turned? What are those Lynchian sobs coming through the grate? Things for Charlie rapidly deteriorate from there.

Barbara Crampton, who has worked in horror films since the 80s when she was a lead in classics like Reanimator and From Beyond, told me by phone that at the beginning of her career, “it was mostly male directors. And most of the movies were protagonist-driven movies by men.”