Batman Cares More About Heroic Vanity Projects Than Charity

As we rev up for Robert Pattison's trip under the cowl in The Batman, social media is abuzz with the usual Bat-controversy. 

Namely, why on earth would a do-gooding billionaire want to dress up as a Bat and hit evil clowns? Wouldn’t he do more good by contributing to charity, or investing in cleantech, or paying to develop a covid vaccine? 

Or really by doing anything that didn’t involve dressing up like a bat and punching evil clowns? 

The argument has raged for eons (or at least for a few years.) Pro-charity Bat-skeptics point out that in real life evil clowns are not actually much of a threat, and the whole Bat-mythology is silly. 

Bat-fans say that Bruce Wayne does contribute to charity through the Wayne Foundation. 

But in the comics, evil clowns are a real problem and you can’t solve them with cleantech Sometimes you need to pull on a bat suit and bust some heads. Why are you trying to harsh our Bat-high?