10 ‘Batman: the Animated Series’ Episodes You Need to Revisit 

The unsung hero in the Batman universe is The Animated Series, an art-deco-inspired take on the classic superhero.

This dark and sophisticated approach to the Dark Knight was a welcome visitor to Saturday morning cartoons, and you can currently stream all eighty-five episodes on HBOMax.

Almost Got ‘im

It’s an exciting and nontraditional episode, getting closer to seeing what our popular villains are like when they’re at home. It does leave me wanting more… what if the Rogues Gallery had a reality show?


Told in a similar style to our #10 spot, this episode focuses on the supporting characters who make up the Gotham Police Department: Officer Montoya, Officer Wilkes, and Detective Bullock.

If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?

A fantastic climax in a giant computerized maze makes this one of the greatest and most compact of Batman’s adventures.

The Clock King

The Clock King is an unlikely villain, and in this first introduction, we get his origin story which I heavily relate to.

Beware the Gray Ghost

Another non-Rogues Gallery episode, this entry is famous for bringing together Kevin Conroy and Adam West.

Joker’s Favor

“Joker’s Favor” is a frightening entry into the Joker’s mythology, revealing his subtle sadistic practices, and making me wonder if he doesn’t call in a lot of favors for poor, unsuspecting Gothamites.

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