Why You Should Avoid Beachbody Coaching and Other MLM Schemes

It seems like everyone these days has a side hustle or is launching a business. At Wealth of Geeks, we are huge fans of side hustling to reach your financial goals and become financially independent.

We were curious if these “make a little extra money” social media pitches had any merit, so we reach out to a former coach and anti-MLM champion to get the real story.

In 2014, after having just moved to a new area and starting over with no friends, I started looking for ways to get into shape.

What Caused You to Become a Beachbody Coach?

I thought exercise might be the way to curb some of the depression I was experiencing due to feeling so isolated and living in a place I didn't want to be.

If making money from home is as easy as signing people up under your name (hence the term pyramid scheme), lots of women are willing to try it.

Why Do People Turn to Beachbody and MLM?

Where do I begin? First off, Beachbody's #1 money-maker is Shakeology, a “superfoods” rich protein shake marketed as a meal replacement.

What Finally Turned You Off to Beachbody?