Former Coach Explains Beachbody


In the blog, you'll find an interview with Melissa Blevins. She offers practical money tips to the free-spirited nerd. Melissa is also a former Beachbody coach, and her posts and Youtube videos on the subject have blown up on social media.

The ranks are Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, and Star Diamond. The earnings generated can go from $250 per week to $12,000 per week.

How Much Do Beachbody Coaches Make?

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Having the opportunity to “join” others in their “journey” to health and fitness was appealing because I felt so lonely and depressed. I longed for friendship and belonging.

Why Do People Turn To Beachbody and Mlm?

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Beachbody's on-demand #1 money-maker is Shakeology, a “superfoods” rich protein shake marketed as a meal replacement.  I quit Beachbody coaching because there are better ways to make money as a business owner.

What Finally Turned You off to Beachbody?

- Discount Coaches - Hobby Coaches  - Full-time or Business-Builders

Beachbody Offers 3 Tiers of Coaches:

I don't understand the value of being a discount coach or hobby coach with the cost it takes to maintain active coaching status and achieve your discount. And most full-time coaches that are successful are already sporting six-pack abs and a walking advertisement for Beachbody.

One of the other things that irritate me about MLMs, in general, is the expectation to befriend strangers with the ulterior motive to sell to them.

Some Beachbody Alternatives:

- Become an online tutor - Create passive income - Consider data entry jobs.