Beautiful American Muscle Cars You Probably Forgot About

When you hear “muscle car, “ your mind may go to classic American muscle cars like the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, or Chevrolet Corvette. Everyone knows and loves these models.

But American automotive history is filled with many beautiful muscle car models that have been forgotten. Here are 12 classic American muscle cars that deserve to be remembered.

AMC Javelin

In 1968, the AMC Javelin was launched by American Motors to introduce a quick car that would increase sales and change the public image of AMC. The Jaelin accomplished both, and the car was produced through 1974. 

Pontiac GTO “The Judge”

The model was known for being the best muscle car in its price range and came with a Ram Air III V8 engine, 366 hp horsepower, and a 4-speed manual transmission. 

Mercury Cyclone Spoiler II

There is supposedly only one model in existence, and it holds a 429 engine, reaches a top speed of 100 MPH, and has a 4-speed manual transmission. 

Oldsmobile 442 W-30

The 4-4-2 explains that the car has a four-barrel carburetor, it’s a four-speed manual transmission, and it has a dual-exhaust system. The stock engine was a 455-cid V8 with a rating of 370 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque.

Buick Skylark GSX

You may think of Buick as being a luxury brand, but they also had some pretty sweet muscle in their lineups. The Skylark GSX came along with 350-420 horsepower and would have cost you $4,198 brand new in 1970.

Dodge Dart Swinger 340

The Swinger 340 included dual exhaust, Rallye suspension, a heavy-duty limited-slip differential with 3.23:1 gears (3.55 or 3.91 were optional), and the buyer's choice of heavy-duty TorqueFlite automatic or manual four-speed.

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