Beavis and Butthead’s Top 10 Funniest Moment

Annoying laughter from two infamous teens ripples through the screen, inviting devoted viewers back to the familiar universe of Beavis and Butthead.

The taller brunette ACDC-adorned teenager matches his ‘Uh-Huh Heh-Heh' giggles with the laughs of the shorter, scrawnier blonde Metallica lover as viewers watch them embark on their lifelong goal to ‘score' and impress women.

Here's a list of their top ten funniest moments to ring in their new flick.

Beavis and Butthead wouldn't be who they are today without their laughter. Low rumblings and musings at the mention of the number 69, giggles at the comment of ‘wood,' and inappropriate laughter throughout tense moments.

10. Their Laughter

9. Their Fight

Whether Butthead beats Beavis with a wooden glove or Beavis attempts to gouge Butthead's eyes out, each fight ends the same. Both boys forget what they were upset about and make an immature joke.

One character trait spanning the entire history of Beavis is his adoration for fire. Although a controversy revolved around the show's use of the word fire, eventually, MTV permitted Mike Judge to utter the word aloud again. When MTV censored the word, Beavis said similar words that rhymed with fire, such as fryer.

8. Beavis, the Pyromaniac

Beavis and Butthead's teacher, a peace shirt-toting, blonde-haired hippie, David Van Driessen, tackles the responsibility of attempting to educate the high-schoolers. He speaks in a soothing voice and strums a tune on his guitar.

7. Butthead vs. Geometry

Episode 16 of season two, “Lawn and Garden,” shows us Butthead discovering a grasshopper and sentencing it to death. Beavis cuts the grasshopper in half with a chainsaw, not giving enough space for Butthead's index finger, and saws it off with the bug.

6. The “Breaking the Law” Chant

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