Best Side Hustles:

Become a Transcriptionist

Working as a transcriptionist can be the ideal situation for many as it requires experience or expertise, remote working conditions, flexible schedules, stress-free work, and other perks.

Additionally, it can be a good skill builder as this form of writing can help a person improve their typing speed and English skills.

Samantha Odo, Toronto, Canada, now the Chief Operating Officer and sales rep at real estate firm Precondo started off her side hustle of working as a transcriptionist in college.

How To Do It

Her goal was to improve her research process, and she found that to be successful as a transcriptionist.

“A few clients did provide me with guidelines on what they exactly wanted, but the majority of the applause goes to YouTube videos and Google, which helped me learn how to be a transcriptionist.”

Job search website Indeed shares 12 skills needed for transcription services and how to develop them. These skills include active listening, time management, multitasking, attention to detail, research, and comprehension.

Odo worked on her own, and she had to find her own clients. In terms of finding clients, she relied on finding them online.

“Thanks to the internet, finding clients became easy, she says. “I joined a few communities where PR agencies and similar industries wanted transcriptionists to have a better record of their work.”

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