4 Steps to Ace Your Next Behavioral Job Interview

Behavioral interviews provide insight into how a candidate has previously behaved in a particular situation.

It's not a perfect way of assessing past performance, but it does seem to do better than standard interview questions such as the good old “what is your greatest strength/weakness.”

Here is a solid step-by-step process you can use to prepare for behavioral interviews.

The key to mastering the behavioral interview is, in a word, stories. Well-organized and compelling stories are the key to nailing your behavioral interview.

Step 1: Gather Your Stories

Step 2: Write Out Your Stories

Once you narrow your list of stories, it's time to start writing them out in detail. You will want to ensure your stories follow the process outlined here:

– Describe the situation – Layout the problem – Detail the action you      took to solve the      problem – Finish with the result and      any lessons learned

When you have a list of eight to ten detailed stories, you should be able to apply them to almost any behavioral interview question.

Step 3: Rehearse Your Stories

Landing your dream job is about selling yourself to your potential future employer. There's no better way to do that than through effective storytelling.

Step 4: Ace Your Interview

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