5 Signs You’re Quietly Being Demoted — And 3 Ways to Fight Back

Setbacks at work can be difficult to deal with. But what if they happen out of the blue? This is even more challenging, particularly when they’re large scale.

Your duties suddenly change.

Responsibilities are shifted or given to someone else. Or, you’re simply being given fewer projects or responsibilities than you’re used to. 

You’re being micromanaged.

Your manager is constantly nitpicking your work — perhaps they even want to review even the least important assignments and tasks. 

You receive poor feedback.

Receiving constant poor feedback is a clear sign that something’s amiss — especially when it’s seemingly out of the blue, and you’ve always received positive reviews in the past. 

Instructions on assignments are vague.

Your manager almost seems to want you to fail by giving unclear instructions. Or, the assignments just aren’t that important, so they’re not spending time explaining them to you. 

Lower-level employees are promoted above you.

You’re a senior- or mid-level employee who’s seeing more junior members of your team being promoted above you — into positions you thought you were a shoo-in for. 

Discuss the situation with your manager.

If you see the writing on the wall, don’t just sit back without vocalizing your concern. 

You want to take strides to understand why this is happening. 

Document everything.

It’s important to document everything that’s taking place because there could be legal issues at play. However, bear in mind that statutes like the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) don’t apply to all companies (such as small-size ones). 

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