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D&D and RPG Dice

Top 5 Gemstone Dice Sets (D&D and RPG Dice)

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Amethyst Stone Dice

f you are a fan of royal purple tones, then this set is worthy of a second glance. The Amethyst stone has lovely deep and different hues of purple mixes with more clear tones of crystal.

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Lapis Stone Dice

Dark blue skies filled with stars is what this next set might remind you of at first glance. Upon a closer look, you can see all of the intricate details within the Lapis stone.

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Malachite Stone Dice

The Malachite stone dice look s if they were carved out of the walls of the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz. This stone contains different layers of emerald greens and is layered like sand. The coloring is all different shades and is quite the conversation piece.

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Opalite Stone Dice

The Opalite stone is has a gorgeous, almost rainbow-like coating that makes your dice shine. These are perfect for your inner fairy!

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Blue Turquoise Stone Dice

This set dons a deep but bright stone turquoise color that truly stands out. The black numbers ingrained in the dice really pop against the vibrant blue tone.

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