6 Best Alternative Investments To Diversify Your Portfolio

Alternative investments are not mutual funds, ETFs, or index funds. Instead, the funds have a management team and invest in things that are different from the stock and bond markets. 

They include offerings like private equity, real estate, hedge funds, venture capital, managed futures, and derivative products.

Crowdfunding – The Game Changer

Crowdfunded real estate investment trusts are the primary vehicle for these investments. These newer funds register with the SEC as exempt funds, usually under the SEC's Regulation Crowdfunding. 

Alternative Investments For Everyone

Three investments available to non-accredited investors include Vinovest, DiversyFund, and Fundrise.


Vinovest offers a unique alternative investment in assets; one would normally not consider an investment class. We're talking about fine wine. 

Fundrise and DiversyFund

Both FundRise and DiversyFund are crowdfunded real estate funds. Investors can invest in these funds with as little as $500.  Here's a summary of each.


Fundrise has invested over $2.5 billion to date and has a history of above-average returns. They offer three core plans to get you started – Supplemental Income, Balanced Investing, and Growth.


Unlike the Fundrise investment options, the team at DiversyFund focuses on growing investors' capital. They have a value add investment strategy when looking for properties.

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