10 Book Series That Should Be Adapted To Movies

We all love a quest!

Whether it be racing through suburban streets with only a few minutes left before the grocery store closes to secure a gallon of milk or avoiding monsters to bring a cursed ring to a volcano, a quest adds a little spice to our average existence. 

With that in mind, we offer ten more novel series that should follow The Wheel of Time’s footsteps in moving from the page to an epic television program. 

Annals of the Western Shore

It is a wonderful bit of meta storytelling. Seeing that reinterpreted for live-action—Memer the one connected to the past, for instance, conveying information via visual and dialogue homages to other films—would be both a thrill to pull off and to watch. 

The Books of Bas-Lag

Miéville’s genre mashup approach creates an unpredictable world markedly different from our own or what we expect of more typical fantasy tales. His prose style suggests moments that are begging for on-screen realization. 

The Broken Earth Trilogy

Fantasy epics often unfold sometime after apocalyptic events. Other times they concern a cast of characters acting to stop an event or individual from ending the world as they know it. N.K. Jemisin’s The Broken Earth Trilogy manages to take place before, after, and during an apocalypse all at the same time.