Quitting Was the Best Decision for My Career — Here’s Why

Throughout my career, I’ve moved on from one organization to another for various reasons. As I was leaping, I wondered if I was doing the right thing, making the right choice, etc. And every once in a while, that small voice of doubt crept in.

Looking back, with distance in the rearview mirror (literally 2000 miles), I can confidently say that quitting was the best decision in my career. Here's why.

Unfortunately, because I was part of an organization for some time and because of the work I started off doing, others may not have seen (or knew about) everything I was capable of doing.

I Changed the Narrative.

As an example, my role in the organization was primarily focused on learning & development. Skill-based development, leadership training, the learning management system, etc.

But my background and expertise are much broader than that, encompassing the entire talent management lifecycle. Moving to a new organization and new role allowed me to craft the narrative in an expanded way.

Perhaps one of the scariest things I’ve done in my career was joining a start-up. Like just pouring the foundation for the building and working out of trailers start-up.

I Expanded My Capabilities.

There was no direction provided (except the supplier contracts), some processes to implement from Corporate, and a looming start of production deadline 18 months away. Beyond that, I had a blank slate or a whiteboard. I leaned into what I knew and started unpacking everything else unknown.

Through this experience, I learned the capabilities needed to build quickly, scale fast, and tailor programming to meet the audience's needs without changing the required outcome.

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