Best Cat Food for Indoor Cats (Unpopular Opinion)

If you are an indoor cat owner, you want to ensure they have the best lifestyle possible. Your kitty deserves to live a long and happy life, and you want to do everything you can to facilitate that.

Of course, this starts with good nutrition, so you'll want to know the best cat food for indoor cats.

There aren't just different brands of cat food to consider, but completely different kinds.

One of the best ways to get raw cat food is to look into any local co-op that may exist. These tend to offer reasonable prices, and because they're local, it's often easier to get fresher foods.


The company offers a wide range of proteins that you can use to create your own custom menu to suit your cat's individual requirements. They also have a selection of dog-food options for your canine friend.

Fetching Foods

Darwin's Natural Pet Products have a mission to ensure pet owners get more time to spend with their beloved animals. They do this by creating healthy, cost-effective foods with balanced nutrition.


Viva Raw offers two main product lines – their Complete range for dogs and their Pure line for cats.  You'll create a box of foods to be shipped to you, selecting from their five main proteins – chicken, turkey, beef, duck, and rabbit, with organ and bone matter included.

Viva Raw

Small Batch produces a selection of frozen meal blends containing a mix of meat, organ, and bone. They also offer a slightly smaller selection of freeze-dried treats made using chicken, beef, or turkey.

Small Batch

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