7 Best Chandler and Monica Moments From Friends

Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) and Chandler Bing/Chanandler Bong (Matthew Perry) had many endearing moments on the show and became many Friends fans' favorite couple. 

So when Redditor u/Kitchen-Wasabi-3949 asked, “What is everyone's most wholesome Monica and Chandler moment?” Reddit responded with plenty. Here are the most-voted seven moments between two of our beloved Friends

Redditor witxxxh said, “When they're planning their wedding, Monica is trying to convince Chandler not to have the Swing Kings so she can keep her perfect dress.”

When Monica Gives up Her Wedding Dress

Monica finds out that her parents spent her wedding fund, and she panics. But Chandler informs her of his savings account. It's enough for the dream wedding she's been planning her entire life. 

When Monica Decides on a Marriage Instead of a Wedding

However, he puts his foot down about spending it all. Eventually, he tells Monica that he thinks they should spend it all on the wedding because he wants her to be happy.  But, after hearing about Chandler's financial sacrifices in his future-forward-thinking (only one kid goes to college), Monica has a change of heart.

Redditor phan_of_peraltiago shared their favorite dialogue. Monica: “Have you ever had something that was so beautiful everyone wants it?” Chandler: “I have you.”

When Chandler “Has” Monica

The dialogue, of course, is when Monica spends more than rent on a pair of boots that ultimately destroy her feet.

Redditor dmuvmvm said, “One that I love and think is underrated but incredibly sweet is how Chandler supports Monica staying in New York for her dream job at Javu.

They Support Each Other's Careers

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