Best Chris Pine Movies From ‘Star Trek’ to ‘Wonder Woman’

Chris Pine is easily one of our best actors out there. He’s talented, brings us hit after hit, and has been the face of multiple franchises. One of the Hollywood Chrises who has managed to get into both the DCEU as well as the Spider-Verse, he’s incredible to see.

So let’s get into some of Chris Pine’s movies and why they’re worth the watch! Especially since Chris Pine has a lot of movies coming out and continues to prove that he’s one of our best working actors today.

Star Trek (2009)

The new take on Star Trek from J.J. Abrams brought a lot of new fans into the franchise and ushered in the Kelvin timeline.

The movie was, for many, an introduction into Chris Pine and it gave a look at his star power and ability to lead a cast and honestly, the 2009 Star Trek is a pretty great movie.

Into the Woods (2014)

When it comes to movie musicals or adaptations of stage musicals into films, Into the Woods isn’t a great version of the Stephen Sondheim musical. But Chris Pine is fantastic as Cinderella’s Prince so you really have to take what you can get.

Chris Pine is charming as can be in this movie, which is the point of his character and it works very well with the overall tone they were going for. Just don’t expect a perfect adaptation.

Hell or High Water (2016)

Pine plays Toby, a father trying to find the money to keep their home in their name until they can get the oil found on their land. The problem is that the bank wants to seize the property and the oil with it, leaving the family high and dry.

It’s truly one of the best films in the last decade and isn’t given enough credit for Pine’s performance.

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