Best Chris Pine Movies From ‘Star Trek’ to ‘Wonder Woman’

Chris Pine is easily one of our best actors out there. He’s talented, brings us hit after hit, and has been the face of multiple franchises. 

One of the Hollywood Chrises who has managed to get into both the DCEU as well as the Spider-Verse, he’s incredible to see.

And yet he is still one of the underrated Chrises when people are talking about them. So let’s get into some of Chris Pine’s movies and why they’re worth the watch!

Star Trek (2009)

The movie was, for many, an introduction into Chris Pine and it gave a look at his star power and ability to lead a cast and honestly, the 2009 Star Trek is a pretty great movie. 

Into the Woods (2014)

The movie made some choices that weren’t great but watching Chris Pine and Billy Magnussen belt out “Agony” together with the dramatics only rivaled by a high school theatre troupe definitely makes up a bit for it. 

Hell or High Water (2016)

It’s truly one of the best films in the last decade and isn’t given enough credit for Pine’s performance. 


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